I fully recommend CYA for all of your event needs...

CYA has played an integral part in our company’s event planning success.  From inception to finish line, CYA has always covered all of the angles, ensuring that that the events we’ve collaborated on have been first-class. 

CYA uses a strategy that employs marketing as a foundation.  Invitations, follow-up, execution, and follow-through have always generated positive results, whether PR-wise or revenue generating.

Most impressive, however, is CYA’s ability to turn a small idea into a full-fledged event, all the while never losing focus of the goals of the event.  They are able to do this exceedingly well by using creativity, imagination, and their profound knowledge of our industry.


Alex Morin
 VP Sales & Marketing
416 450 0697



The CYA Team offers a three-part system to guarantee success.

The CYA team specializes in building attendance through a consistent, themed, focused  pre-show communication program that piques interests, encourages and motivates registration AND attendance while keeping your company center stage. The PREVIEW includes list management and a pre-event email/mail campaign that encourages early registration.

CYA will plan the event, develop a theme, find the venue, hire the caterers, recommend and procure attendee gifts and company promotional products and work with venue staff to ensure that YOUR event is the most memorable of the year. We will create PowerPoint presentations and even write scripts and speeches!

The show isn't over when you take a bow...in business it is just the beginning! The team at CYA will generate an after-event appreciation communique for all attendees, thanking them for their attendance and creating a call to action if required. For sales meetings, presentations etc., CYA will develop and conduct after-event surveys to gather feedback and input from your staff and or customers. An email campaign could be developed to make sure that all attendees remember the salient points of your presentation.

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