"Terie & Danielle make an incredible team, as they are both full of energy, strategic, like minded but opposite and have an enormous amount of business & marketing experience. As the Chair for PPPC, our team met with CYA and tasked them with a number of projects for 2011. 
"CYA MET the CHALLENGE"  They created their recommendations based on their experience which included creative advertising, copy writing & designing along with constructive consulting. We are currently utilizing their skills and abilities on a long term project that continues to engage our membership. They continue to be a great leadership team to work with on short and long term projects and it is a pleasure working with such talent."
Carol de Ville; President of The Branding Co. and Chair of Promotional Product Professionals of Canada

“I have known and worked closely with Terie and Danielle for many years in different capacities, and when recently tasked with hiring a company to execute a selling story for the U S market, I knew who to call. The industry research they conducted confirmed many things while at the same time uncovering many more. The recommendations provided were key in creating a large part of the agenda for a recent national sales conference. We as a company were able to take the collateral delivered to not only tell a story, but identify the areas that need improvement and focus on them.  As expected a job very well done!” 
Neil Piitz; Sr. VP of U.S. Sales at Ash City 

 Their innovative and high energy approach coupled with their knowledge and experience is outstanding. The bottom line...they're a team that drives results and success."
 Steve Whigham; Publisher of marketingedge magazine & CEO of Promotional Elements

“Terie & Danielle have an extremely good grasp of the Promotional Products Industry from a strategic and tactical perspective. Their advice to clients on how to take advantage of opportunities in this industry is excellent. In addition, they are demanding in a business-like manner with first rate ethics .Terie & Danielle are inquisitive and fast learners. While some talk a good game, the CYA team gets things done -- and done well.”
Chris Lovell VP of Sales at ASI

" I've never hesitated to call on Danielle and Terie to help me tweak my ideas and get them down on paper. I’m always amazed at what they come up with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for your writing needs! Not everyone is granted the gift of writing, so why not use the help of someone who has been."
Susan Heslop; Sales Professional at Creative Images Marketing Group; Past President PPPC
“CYA proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the power of the written word. Providing timely insightful and topical marketing writings CYA has proven to be a tremendous asset to DEBCO in its marketing pursuits.  We would recommend any firm that has a chance to utilize these gifts to jump on board and ride the 'CYA train'......” 
Stan Gallen; Owner and Sr. VP Sales & Marketing at Debco

“CYA has always had the capacity to quickly and effectively understand the needs of its clients. They have, without exception, found an innovative approach that consistently delivers superlative results. Need a new approach to a persistent problem? Call CYA
Bill Yelland; President at CSRC

’We like to think we are capable of doing everything…!!! Just recently the reality hit me right in the face. I had made the decision to redo my website from scratch. I was sure I could do it myself. Why not?? After 25 years within the industry I was convinced the task would be easy. EASY!! Well, after 3 LONG days of hard work, despair overwhelmed me: my file was empty and my garbage was full. I didn't have enough FOCUS, I didn't take the right path. I realized then I needed to be humble and ask for some help. My job was to find the right partners. Nothing more.

WOW... after only one phone call the CYA team had already identified the STRATEGY and where to put our FOCUS. An agenda was set up and the ride became enjoyable. Danielle and Terie are truly gifted. Their writing skills are just amazing. They were able to capture what I had in mind, my VISION, and effectively put it into words that have meaning. ‘’
Line Chaumont; Promocom Marketing

"How do I spell relief? .... CYA!

When it was time to write the copy for my website, I didn't stress about it because I knew exactly who to call. For most of us, and definitely for me, written communication is not only tedious, but never quite hits the mark!

Terie and Danielle however, are experts at what they do. They took the thoughts and ideas in my head, extracted them and put them down in succinct and effective writing. They took me through an extensive discovery process to understand exactly what we do, where we excel and our points of differentiation. They were then able to create the tabs and compose compelling copy to make my website a valuable tool for my business and for my clients. I would not hesitate to use them again for any writing project."

Terry Slatttery; Slattery Enterprises


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